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E-z Hatch Attic Access Door

This e-z Hatch Attic access Door is ideal for getting in and out of your attic, it offers a strong, secure latch and a tight closure system. It's uncomplicated to open with a sturdy handle.

Ez Hatch Attic Access Door

This Door is designed to get access to the Attic space in the back of the house, it renders an 50:50 security system and is fabricated from heavy- metal for strength and durability. It is additionally keyless open, so you can get in and out of the Door easily, this Door is manufactured of heavy-gauging steel with a green color. It imparts a keyhole opening and port, the Door can be opened with a key or by taking the Door off of its hinges. It as well different in that it grants a latch and a keyhole sign, this e-z Hatch Attic access Door is a peerless solution for suitors who itch to get into the Attic withoutassin’t have to go through an open door. The Door is conjointly life-saving in that it can help to navigat the Attic when there is an electrical shock or fire, x 30 in. and is fabricated of 50% recycled materials, it's access Door is hinged open, so you can geneva gt in without having to go through a room.