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Kees Access Doors

Looking for a new access door system? Don't search more than the Kees inc 820623 system! This system includes an 6 x6 access door system and a detachable corner box system, the system can be set up to produce an internal addressing system for safe entrance and exit.

Kees Access Doors Amazon

The Kees access doors are key piece of fire protection design and are designed to open only to those who need to enter and seal off an area for safety, the doors and have an 14 x14 inch door size. The new Kees access doors 6 x6 is a practical surrogate for a modern or open home, with an access door that sizes 6 x6, you can add an extra door into your home with this system. The Kees access doors are made with an 10 x10 metal frame and 6 x6 hinges that make it facile to open, the access door gives a plastic handle and is covered in a weather resistant finish. They provide an openable surface for fires to grow, the doors are made and have a14 x14 inch size. They are made to be able to handle heavy firearms and are made to be able to stand up to pressure, they are basic to open and close, and can do the job of protecting your building easily.